The College


The project of a University female College on the style of the illustrious “historic”colleges of Pavia was already promoted in the 50s by the Pope Paul VI, who at that time was Archbishop of Milan, and realised in 1973, on the initiative of the Diocese of Pavia. Transformed into a Foundation in 1991, it is one of the thirteen italian university institutions of high cultural qualification set under the control of the Ministry of University and Scientific Research (MURST).

The College is situated in a modern building with a wide garden, a few steps from the University, in the historical centre of the town where most of the University colleges are located.

Just from its beginning, the College has developed its activity of social promotion and cultural education giving young female students the chance of an intellectual and human growth, in an atmosphere of collaboration and participation which characterises still nowadays the College collectivity.

The College accommodates female students of any nationality, with particular attention to those whose economic conditions are not wealthy, enrolled in all the Faculties of the University of Pavia and graduates, enrolled in perfectioning and specialisation courses and fellowships of research which, having sharp attitudes towards the studies, decide to devote themselves to them with the outmost engagement.

College life

The value of the collegial experience and the deep friendship relations built during crucial years are kept alive by the Old Fellows Association which was formally constituted in 1989 but is already active from 1981. During these years it has supported the activity of the College with conviction and enthusiasm and it finds new efforts and energies.

With the collaboration of the Association, the College is concerned to renew constantly the relation with the former students through perfectionig study grants, the publication of a journal and the volumes of the series “Studi e ricerche“, their scientific unpublished contributions.

Living in the College does not only mean to find a comfortable logistic accommodation. In fact, the atmosphere of cordiality and friendship which characterises the community, the intellectual vivacity and the high level reached by the students in their studies, the quality and the intensity of the cultural internal life, the Christian inspiration, still tolerant of the several ideological orientations, made the College one the more appreciable places for the ones who wants to get the best human and scientific profit from the university studies.

The presence of students of different years and Faculties, coming from any regions of Italy and from many countries of the European Community and from extra-communtarian community, incites a proficient exchange of experience, it opens to the dialogue and to the confrontation, educates to the tolerance and solidarity.

Moreover students find in the College cultural stimulation and occasions of professional and human enrichment which integrate the university curriculum and contribute to a full development of their attitudes and personality. The oldest students, particularly specialised or fellow students, develop a tutoring service, disposing their competence for the youngest in order to guide them in their choices through the university path.

Students are accommodated in single rooms with individual services; they use an internal accurate refectory functioning from the second half of September to the first half of July; they dispose of a library, a TV room, a computer roomwith working places tied to the Centro di Calcolo of the University of Pavia, the Internet service, studying and reading rooms, a meeting hall with all the modern equipment, a chappel, little kitchen at any floor. The College also grants a medical assistance.

Parties and occasions of amusement do not miss, as well as the chance to take part in an intense sport activity.